With in how much time my Dedicated server will be ready?

Dedicated server allocation time is 78 hours. However, we always try to make it ready in 24 hours. But you can take an estimation of 12-78 hours depending upon our load.


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With in how much time my shared account will be ready?

Shared account will be ready almost immediately. However, we may need to do extra configuration...

With in how much time my VPS will be ready?

VPS allocation time is 24 hours. However, we used to make it ready in 2-6 hours after order is...

How long have you been in business?

We have been in to this busingess since more than 4 years.

Do you offer a moneyback guarantee?

Yes we provide 30 day's moneyback guarantee for Shared and Reseller hosting.

What's your uptime guarantee?

We are providing 99.9% uptime guarantee.