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Most Popular Articles

Article How much time does it take to propagate Name Servers?
It takes 12 to 48 hours to propagate Name Servers.
Views: 1809
Article How do I make payment through credit card?
Please follow this procedure to make payment through Credit Card. 1) Select a product which you want to buy and complete order process. 2) At...
Views: 1716
Article How to create mysql database in Cpanel
1) login to your cpanel control panel.2) You will find a main tab called "Databases"3) Under that you will find a link called "Mysql Databases"....
Views: 1529
Article With in how much time my shared account will be ready?
Shared account will be ready almost immediately. However, we may need to do extra configuration to allow you all the features according to package....
Views: 1515
Article With in how much time my Dedicated server will be ready?
Dedicated server allocation time is 78 hours. However, we always try to make it ready in 24 hours. But you can take an estimation of 12-78 hours...
Views: 1508


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